Ferguson resolve... loose the “them” and “us” in the conversation.

And, of course, that does not only apply to the incidents and conflict in Ferguson alone.  It applies to unrest and conflict throughout the world wherever it exist for whatever reason.

Let’s use race as the subject of this discussion, which by the way, I do not think exist beyond a socially constructed concept society has made up which I believe can be dismantled simply by people choosing to do so.  Do you know the conversations people have had about blondes and brunettes?  What’s the point?

For me, the answer to conflict is simple.  Drum role, HERE IT IS.

Each and every person, at least a critical mass, must resolve, without exception, to respect and honor each other’s points of views, beliefs and opinions about whatever although they may vehemently object and/or disagree.  I believe if we start from that fundamental principle in our interactions with each other, we can then have what I describe is a Conversation For Possibility.
That is a conversation that seeks to find and/or inquire into What Works for the parties involved when one or more people threaten or take actions based on their beliefs, interpretations, perceptions, views and opinions that infringe upon another's or other's well being or comfort.

That’s it. 

Join us at Creating A World Community and assist us in creating a world that works for all.

Oscar Carter
World Transformer

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Harlem IS World Community

That is, it is a community that works for all. (The evidence is everywhere and it wants more)

Time and time again the "Harlem Experience" and happenings in Harlem represent, points to and demonstrates the possibility for peace in the world.  Community organizer Chet Whye is one dynamic man who has through recent years been perhaps the most instrumental person in building and creating community in Harlem.

I direct you to Chet Whye's photo albums on facebook, several of which depicts activities he's orchestrated and/or captured the illustrates my point.

You want world peace?  You want a community that works for all.  You want a happy and vibrant commuity? 

Harlem is one place you can look too for what's possible for the world.

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Oscar Carter
World Transformer

Listening is as important as Voice

In fact, it is more important in my view.

In my last post, I wrote about the power of one's voice; that is one's speaking.

In this Ted Talk, Tony Salvador talks about the power and importance of listening for a better world.

He shares some strategies for being a better listener:  He says we must lose preconceptions of what is being said.  He says we must be vulnerable and open to new ideas, and to not be afraid to hear what we'd rather not hear.

He states;

We're hearing still, I beleive, what we want to hear, we're certainly not listening for what's not being said.

The information presented by Mr. Salvador coupled with the information presented by Julian Treasure in my last post entitled "The Human Voice... Creating Sound Consciously For A Better World" are keys to a better world when we engage in conversation using the "voice" as presented and "listening" as described.

Join Us Here In Our Conversation For Creating A World That Works For All

Oscar Carter
World Transformer

The Human Voice

In his recent TED Talk, Julian Treasure decribes the power of the human voice.

It’s the instrument we all play.  It’s the most powerful sound in the world probably. It’s the only one that can start a war or say I love you and yet many people have the experience that when they speak people don’t listen to them.  Why is that?  How can we speak powerfully to make change in the world.

He suggest there are a number of habits we need to move away from.  They are as follows:

Penultimate (exaggeration)
Dogmatism (confusion facts with opinion)

In conclusion, he raises the following powerful questions.

What would the world be like, if we were to speak powerfully to people who were listening consciously in environments which were actually fit for purpose?  Or to make that a bit larger, what would the world be like, if were creating sound consciously and consuming sounds consciously and designing all our environments consciously for sound. That would be a world that does sound beautiful and one where understanding would be the norm.

So then, how directly to the point Mr. Treasure's talk is to the Creating A World Community Initiative that has as it vision the "consciously created community" that is described as follow:

A group of individuals who have chosen freely to take a stand and come together as one voice. That voice is the voice of the community where each one recognizes that he/she is vital to the life force of the whole. Newly inspired, they take ownership, bringing forth their highest expression of love, courage and integrity in reverence of the community. Their relationships are deep, lasting and authentic as they continue to stay true to the ever evolving consciously created community. They are moving together as a body of one. (Authored by Jill Burns and Copyright Protected)


Oscar Carter
World Transformer

I find this video supportive of our Creating A World Community conversation and the post with the same title as above inspirational and instructive.

I am magnificent! I am blessed! I am worthy!

I am steppping up to the plate and manifesting the vision of Creating A World Community

That is a World That Works For All.

That world is available to us right now by respecting, and in fact honoring one another, no matter their beliefs, opinions or views.  While at times we may find another's actions an infringement upon our freedoms, we are committed to engaging in a Conversation For Possibility with them that finds resolve that works for ourselves and the other without necessarily compromsing anyone's particular stance or action.

As you watch Shakira’s video “La, La, La” reflect how you will dare to have that Conversation For Possibility when you are challenged by others in your life and in doing so how that will contribute to making this a better world for all.

I Dare You!



Oscar Carter
World Transformer

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