iPhone6... and iPas2


iPhone6 Unveilled...

"Is it fair to compare the iPhone6 release to the launch of iPAS2 the day before?  You be the judge."

Yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the new iPhone6 that is going on the market September 19th.

He named the iPhone6, "...the biggest advancement in the history of iPhone."

We call iPAS2 "the iPhone of Online Business Platforms"

It's no mystery why Apple has the amazing ability to launch products like no other company...
 They launched the iPhone 6 with the slogan... "bigger than bigger"

Basically giving the middle finger to any other smart phone users who's main problem with the iPhone is the girly size of the screen...

... So they did what they do best and came out with a new iPhone that, yes,
is bigger in size...... but in true Apple fashion

Made it MUCH bigger in more ways than just the screen.

iPAS2 business owner Chris Jones says it makes him proud to be aligned with a team of marketers right now who take a lot of lessons from Apple...

"The main one.
Make things fun and easy to use.
Keep things SIMPLE.
Nobody wants to know how the watch
works... but they want to know it tells
time, right?
So average everyday people can just
flip a switch, and whatever they're using
just works.
Like an iPhone... even a 5 year old can figure
it out.

Anyway, today was such a big day for Apple...
.. their whole website Crashed!

So much anticipation and traffic, they couldn't even handle it!

Funny thing... same thing happened to OUR site since last night --
the site was down because of the mass influx of visitors getting
their hands on...

"the iPhone of Online Business Platforms."
And it's called...
--> The worlds FIRST "Franchise-Style" Business System (that's also FUN to use...)
Just like an iPhone. Only thing left for you is to...

iPAS2 is the ideal place to start if you're looking for the SHORTCUT to online success.

Try doing that with an iPhone :)

To your success!
Oscar Carter
World Transformer

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"I think, therefore I am" 

said French philosopher Descartes - a statement he believed proved his own existence, purely due to the fact he could conceive of the thought. "I think, therefore I (Instagr)am", would be closer to the mantra for a modern day generation. Roughly translated - if I’m not on Instagram can I really exist? 

Now longer is television, radio, newspapers and other media able to persuade, influence, or otherwise trick or move us to believe or accept the views of its producers in the absence of our own experiece. 

Today, we CAN BE our own producers and persuaders of ourselves and everyone else for that matter with the advent of the Internet, mobile telephones and other digital technologies.

We create our own experience.

I challenged Jason on his last thought in the video that the lost of one presecense or moment haunts him.  My retort was; 

"You are simply awesome Jason Silva and your messages are absolutely extraordinarily a contribution to mankind.  Do not allow the loss of one presense haunt you as our experience clearly demonstrates that our next presence can be even more exciting, rewarding and enjoyable.  Think about the next "awe" moment!  
As you would say, WOW! " 

Join us in a conversation of Creating A World Community 

Oscar Carter
World Transformer

PS Always Shine Your Light


Happiness Is Awareness of Self

And that, the conclusion I have drawn listeing to Rubert Spira's recent video entitled "The Desire To Express Happiness."

In the very short time, a couple of months now, I have been listening and studying the content of Mr. Spira's videos, I have been baffled attempting to understand how I wanted to live in a non-duality world that has been and is mostly lived from a duality perceptive. To learn more of Rubert's philosopical/ spiritual pursuit of non-duality go to his website at http://non-duality.rupertspira.com/about/non-duality/

On his home page, he introduces the subject with the following quote in defining happiness.

"Happiness is the absence of resistance to what is. It is the highest spiritual practice. However, it is not a practice of the mind; it is the ever-present nature of Myself, Awareness."

Knowing  this for myself now, I am present my happiness is awareness of my true nature and it is further realized by the extent to which I express and share that awareness with the world.

I find that a driving force in fulfilling a long term vision I have had for Creating A World Community. 

Consider joining us in that conversation at Creating a World Community or at World Community Connection on facebook.

Oscar Carter
World Transformer

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Ferguson resolve... loose the “them” and “us” in the conversation.

And, of course, that does not only apply to the incidents and conflict in Ferguson alone.  It applies to unrest and conflict throughout the world wherever it exist for whatever reason.

Let’s use race as the subject of this discussion, which by the way, I do not think exist beyond a socially constructed concept society has made up which I believe can be dismantled simply by people choosing to do so.  Do you know the conversations people have had about blondes and brunettes?  What’s the point?

For me, the answer to conflict is simple.  Drum role, HERE IT IS.

Each and every person, at least a critical mass, must resolve, without exception, to respect and honor each other’s points of views, beliefs and opinions about whatever although they may vehemently object and/or disagree.  I believe if we start from that fundamental principle in our interactions with each other, we can then have what I describe is a Conversation For Possibility.
That is a conversation that seeks to find and/or inquire into What Works for the parties involved when one or more people threaten or take actions based on their beliefs, interpretations, perceptions, views and opinions that infringe upon another's or other's well being or comfort.

That’s it. 

Join us at Creating A World Community and assist us in creating a world that works for all.

Oscar Carter
World Transformer

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Harlem IS World Community

That is, it is a community that works for all. (The evidence is everywhere and it wants more)

Time and time again the "Harlem Experience" and happenings in Harlem represent, points to and demonstrates the possibility for peace in the world.  Community organizer Chet Whye is one dynamic man who has through recent years been perhaps the most instrumental person in building and creating community in Harlem.

I direct you to Chet Whye's photo albums on facebook, several of which depicts activities he's orchestrated and/or captured the illustrates my point.

You want world peace?  You want a community that works for all.  You want a happy and vibrant commuity? 

Harlem is one place you can look too for what's possible for the world.

Access The Creating A World Community conversation HERE.

Oscar Carter
World Transformer

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