"Its being used for something that's greater than yourself" Oprah

I would say so.

Pharell, thank you for your heart and spirit and thank you for being a phenomenal marketer.

I say that not to dimish what Pharell brings in heart and spirit. 

I say it because he is a phenomenal marketer and it is that which will cause "Happy" to become the greatest record of all time; not only in regard to popularity, professionalism and art;

It will have the greatest impact of any song in history on the peoples of the world.

Thank you again good brother.

Oscar Carter
Transformational Artist


Happiness may have different meanings for different people. But we can all agree that it means working to end conflict, poverty and other unfortunate conditions in which so many of our fellow human beings live." Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Message for the International Day of Happiness, 20 March 2014

I want to take this opporutnity to wish everyone the greatest happiness as they perceive it for themselves.  Such makes a better world.

Oscar Carter
Transformational Artist

I just got off this webinar with multimillionaire Marshall Sylver, founder and primary host of the Get Rich Radio network. 

Whether you are considering, have considered and made up your mind to login or not; or you have never considered Get Rich Radio as anything you want to devote attention, I suggest you watch this 34.09 recording of the webinar in its entirety. 

It was beyond amazement in regard to all the network is accomplishing in just three weeks and what it will be doing in short order.  This was an exclusive webinar for GRR team I am a part; the top in the network.

After you watch the webinar login and take the tour at http://getgetrichradio.com and immediately begin experiencing everything you heard.   I will get in touch with you to talk about next steps for us to partner together for you to make the most money and get the most out of all of GRR.

Oscar Carter
Transformational Artist

"The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity"

from Man's Search for Himself by Rollo May

I get why people do not immediately log into Get Rich Radio (GRR) and immediately earn cash.

I gave my referral link http://worldcommunityradio.com to Will last night and explained to him what GRR is all about.  Then, he asked me what's the catch?  I told him there is no catch.

Ha! Stupid Me.  I realized this morning explaining GRR to Al that there is a catch.  

Drum Roll, Please.  

The catch is it sounds to good to be true.  

What people want to get, particularly in today's world, is sometimes what may APPEAR not to be true is in fact TRUE.

My wife gave me perhaps a more likely, perhaps more understanding explanation when I asked her.  She said people have to get use to new things.  Just like when facebook was first introduced to the world she says, it took a while for people to "catch on to it."  That got me thinking.  I realize that even with people who finally decide to join facebook, as far as they get many times is to half-way set up their profile page with there name, hardly ever their picture and do zero or one or two posts.  Then, they don't come back for months.

GRR WILL have its day with millions of people taking advantage of its benefits.

The BIG LOSS this time is for people who may be interested in making money will find the longer they delay logging in, the longer it's going to take to fill their pockets with cash with the simplest and no cost way to make money ever; the simplicity being logging into a website.

Are You Going To Continue To Wait To Wear the Red Shoe?

CLICK HERE, and let's do this now.

Oscar Carter
Transformational Artist



I know YOU have had at least one passing thought at one time or another that it is possible, figuratively speaking.


I found something that comes close.

There is NO Simpler Or Easier Way To Make Money.  On Top of That, There Is No Investment.

If you know of a simpler or easier way to make money, please let me know.  I want to Jump all over it now.  Times a flying. :)

There Are Two Simple Ativities to the business.

  1. Tune into an online radio station and stay logged in 24/7.
  2. Tell other people about it.

When you do that and the other people you tell also tune in 24/7, you get these results.

1.     10 referrals, you receive $75 a month

2.     100 referrals, you receive $750 a month

3.     1000 referral, you receive $7,500 a month


The first question always asked is how can a radio station afford to sustain itself paying it listeners 24/7.  You may never considered the extraordinary amounts of money, and it growing immensely everyday, how much money local, national and global companies are paying to advertise online.  You will know how it can be accomplished with the owner of a radio station sharing those advertising dollars with his listeners.

Multimillionaire, Marshall Sylvia who recently re-launched his two year old Get Rich Radio network is doing just that. 

Now I know I stated this business is easy, and it is a business, your business when you tune in, there is one consideration you have to make when telling other people about it.  You have to get out of your comfort zone sharing Get Rich Radio (GRR); something people have never heard about and sounds unreal.  You know can you make money simply by turning on your computer.  Very soon people will also be able to do tune in on their smartphone.

Imagine how big this thing is going to get.

Join the over 48,000 people who have already logged into Get Rich Radio and who in only 7 days have made it one of the top 2,400 websites in the United States according the popular Alexa ratings surpassing Howard Stern and Rush Limbuagh’s online presence.

CLICK HERE and you will be one click away from immediately making money.

Oscar Carter
Transformational Artist

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