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Are you online yet? 

Well of course you are or you would not be reading this post. 

And, there are those that complain about the Internet, social media privacy and I am sure a host of other stuff.  Oh yea, I know one, the Internet removes one from "intimacy;" that some say face to face conversation provides. Perhaps, I am not sure about that.  However, for certain the numbers of people one has with others is expanded greatly when conversing on the Internet.  That is a good thing for the world as more and more people across the globe learning more about one another and and better understand each other. 

People avoiding the Internet is becoming les and les prevalent. You only have to look the increasing numbers of people who are not only using facebook but also creating more and more ways of how to use the Internet. I not doing the research here but my understanding is the the numbers of people using the Internet is increasing at magnitude of more than a 1000 to one. (my math is not great)

You name it and people are doing it online.  There has been only one thing that has held people back from using the Internet.  That one thing is old habits.  That is doing stuff the way they are familiar of doing it and reluctant to choose new habits.

Yes my friend the use of the Internet is expanding and one of the biggest areas is in the area of commerce.  You might think all these brick and mortar stores in our  malls and urban centers are going to be around forever.  It ain't happening my friend.  I live in Manhattan, New York City.  All you have to do is look down the street in your city and count the number of empty store fronts and the decreasing numbers of people in stores and in the malls.  Go ahead, I dare you in a month or two when the holidays are upon uus go see how many people are shopping in stores in your towns and cities.  I understand in Canada, already there are groceries stores where people walk into in the morning, place their cell phones over empty boxes of whatever to purchase a product and that evening the product is delivered at their homes.  


Look at DubLi, the largest e-comerce company in the world where you are able to get an average of 14% Cash Back at many of the biggest and trusted stores you alreay buy from.  Among them are The Apple Store, Macy's, Saks Fifth Avened, Wal-Mart, Staples, Barnes and Noble and even Avon.

Oscar Carter
World Transformer

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Race, A Socialy Constructed Term Has Outlived Its Relevancy

That is if it ever had any legitimate relavancy in the first place.  By the way, that would in turn eliminate the word racism as well.

The following are comments I have publicly made primarily online in various forums and social media sites.  There is some redundancy and I think that furthers my message which is evident in my writing.

The entire conversation about race is a socially constructed concept that has out lived its relevance if it ever had any value.
while I completely agree with your sentiments and position, you destroy the contribution I believe you are intending to make with the unnecessary disrespectful language.

And, it is exactly the type of conversation the three of you are having that continues to keep the matter of race problematic in society when you could, if you chose to do so, limit the meaning of race to that which we generally understand as the human race, and started a new conversation that has as the basis of its purpose and intention inquiring into what works in society and what might work for all as a possibility.  

Well, I guess I am just repeating myself.  I am beginning to wonder whether my comments have any value, at least for the three of you.

And, it is exactly the type of conversation the three of you are having that provides evidence and continues to keep the matter of race problematic in society when you could, if you chose to do so, limit the meaning of race to that which we generally understand as the human race, and started a new conversation that has as the basis of its purpose and intention inquiring into what works in society and what might work for all as a possibility.  

Oh well, I guess I am just repeating myself for whatever it is worth.  I  am beginning to question its value, at least for three of you.

Thank you for your response. I did not state or mean to imply that you stated that "discrimination does or does not or will not continue in the future." I apologize for the confusion.

And again, how you or anyone else denotes or otherwise defines race beyond how it is generally understood in the phrase "human race," which in my view is the "proper context," it (race) shall continue to be problematic.

And, to the extent we human beings continue to have race mean any more than it does in the phrase human race and/or attempt to define, separate, delineate and distinguish ourselves among each other beyond however we might view the differences between “blondes and brunettes,” discrimination, oppression, inequality and accusations of and racism will continue.  In that regard, each of us has a choice to make that could transform this conversation to have it work for all, if not achieve complete and total agreement.I suggest everyone's points of view are valid; yours too because they are based on one's individual and group experiences, understandings and perceptions.The most relevant question in my view is Now What?I hold the view there need not be agreement with any of the points offered. As I suggested in my earlier comment, race is a social construct. In that regard, we do not need to hold on to it.

If it were working it would be all well and good. Obviously, it is not. We need to develop another construct.The concept, the science or whatever meaning one wants to give to race, as a distinction, has outlived it relevance.See http://worldcommunity.empowernetwork.com/blog/race-really-blondes-and-brunettes

You see, I believe, the means to a world that works for everyone is a conversation that allows for respecting and honoring one another regardless of their opinions, beliefs and views on whatever and that includes race.What is the possibility of respecting and in fact honoring one’s view on race and having a conversation about getting along with one another, in fact embracing our diversities whatever they may be?Is That Not Possible?


How does the saying go?  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again.   Unlike the words ethnicity, nationality, religion, culture and even color,  people generally can agree on who falls in which classifications.  There is little agreement, on the other hand, on the meaning of the word "race" among folks in society as evidenced by their interactions with one another from day to day and how one should be classified in accordance with that meaning.  That limits what's possible in achieving a way that works for all and leaving them respecting and honoring their differences.  

Using the word "race" has gotten society where it has gotten us for whatever benefit it provided.  I know there are going to be people who will always hold on to what has been called the "race card" for whatever reason.  My experience is there are many more who are ready, and in fact who have already given it up to make a difference.

And yes, as extension of my point, we would be eliminating the word "racism" as well.
I completely agree with you and thank you for clarifying for me.  My point is the word "race" confuses the issues of cultural, national, ethnic and many other descriptions that describe our differences from one person to another.  I feel by eliminating the word "race" which is socially constructed, we could just as well, deconstruct it.  And, if we chose to do so, better results in these type of conversations could be achieved.
The word "race," is a social concept that MUST be eliminated from this and all conversations to resolve or otherwise  reconcile the differences that are evidenced in this conversation and conversations like it throughout the world.  "Human race?" No Problem.
I agree with you completely.  Racism is a social construct which strips everyone of their culture.  It's puts ppl into neat little categories to pit them against one another.  Keeps us fighting amongst ourselves so that we are not fighting what needs to be fought.  Still, as made up a word as it is, the emotional ties of the word "race" are branded into the heart of Humanity.  I'm not sure that there will ever be a day where racism ceases to exist but I am nonetheless hopeful that we will eventually rise above it.

We need to accept eachother as Human beings.  To accept that we may never completely agree with one another.  That is ok to be different.  That to be different should be applauded not derailed.  That we should learn from one another instead of ceaselessly trying to show our superiority because NO ONE IS SUPERIOR.

"Human race?" Awesome.

Ah! you get the point

Oscar Carter
World Community


One of Opra's LifeClass programs on OWN is entiled "Iyanla Vanzant on Colorism: 'A Wound Needs a Witness'"


The conversation although accurately portrays people's real experiences, it is flawed, the extent to which one wishes to alleviate those same negative experiences in society. Perhaps the later was not Oprah's intent.

There are two fallacies and an assumed premise upon which the conversation is centered.

1. Premise: race can be defined by biology.
2. Fallacy: if race were defined my biology, skin color would be a variable.
3. Fallacy: white is a not a color. 

As rightfully pointed out in the program, skin color has no more relevancy to
beauty or intelligence than the texture of one’s hair, thickness of one's lips
or any other physical characteristic. 

Seven years ago, I participated in a conversation with several prominent Africans and world renowned “African Americans” in Tanzania. The conversation included a
presentation by a professor at a prestigious university in California who made
a case for race based on biology. Nevertheless, the “apparent” consensus of the group was race is a social construct. 

There is no reason to continue have race be anything other than that. We need to develop a new construct. 

I believe, in a world that works for everyone. It is achieved by a conversation that
has at its fundamental basis people respecting and honoring one another
regardless of one’s opinions, beliefs and views on whatever. 

Paraphrasing TD Jakes on one of Ophra's other LifeClass programs; "we need to step out of our history and into our destiny.”

We are committed to doing just that at Creating A World Community

Join Us HERE

Oscar Carter
World Transformer

Alibaba, Opens On The New York Stock Exchange

I was highly impressed with Jonathan Lu. CEO of the Alibaba Group having been introduced to him for the first time, this morning, listening to him being interviewed on CNBC television.  

I do not routinely watch TV, however after showering at the gym; I caught a glimpse of the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange and learned Mr. Lu was releasing an IPO for his company.  Alibaba, was a name I had heard mentioned over the last few days, however I had no idea what it was.  For some reason, I thought they were referring to that guy on CNN; what’s his name? (Ali Velshi) :)

I have since learned that Alibaba

…is a privately owned Hangzhou-based group of Internet-based e-commerce businesses including business-to-business online web portals, online retail and payment services, a shopping search engine and data-centric cloud computing services. Wikipedia

In any event, I was highly impressed with Mr. Lu, who was immediately interviewed by CNBC right after the opening bell.  He spoke about his priority at Alibaba being service to his customers, secondarily his staff and lastly his shareholders. 

I think that is real cool.   Rarely, do you hear CEO’s in the financial media talk about their customers let alone their staffs.

When I thought the interviewers pressed him on a couple questions, he remained calm and collective.  He was reluctant to directly say how he intended for this country, the United States, to benefit from his company. He said he wanted to direct his company’s efforts at assisting Africa, Southeast Asia and Europe, the later of which I felt he whispered cautiously and then added, I think, he suggested that small busineses here will benefit as well.

Because of his passionate concern for his customers and staff and his attention and intended efforts to contribute to countries most in need of innovation and improved economies, I believe Jonathan Lu represents a person whom is characteristic of the World Community, as I have defined and have been promoting.

That is a world that works for all.

On the personal or individual side, Mr. Lu also is someone who has the one characteristic many of us lack in being successful in our lives.  I will leave you to identify that characteristic and a couple others that has made him successful to identify in the opening scenes of this video.  CLICK HERE or the image below.

I want you to breakthrough as a citizen of the world, as did Mr. Jonathan Lu with his company Alibaba and obtain those characteristics if you do not already have them or completely fulfilled or achieved them.

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Oscar Carter
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